Team Haas Judo Jiu-Jitsu provides a quality well rounded system of martial arts techniques that are safe, simple, and effective.
This includes Self-Defense, Defensive Tactics, Mechanics of Arrest, Ground Fighting, Jiu-Jitsu, Etc.
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Training Logs Page Added to the Website - 09/22/2020

Over the years, students have always asked about the names of techniques that we worked in the last or recent classes. To help, I am now posting the names of all of the techniques worked in last 30 days of classes to the Training Logs page. This alows students and potential members to see what techniques and categories of techniques that we worked in past 30 days of classes. Here is the link: Training Logs

Now Hosting TCOLE Law Enforcement Training - 12/15/2019

Team Haas Judo Jiu-Jitsu has teamed up with Haas-Jitsu Defensive Systems to host Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) CE Trainings for Law Enforcement professionals to get mandatory continuing education credit hours for their certifications.   ...continue reading

Raul Leyva Promotion to Judo Shodan - 12/11/2019

Congratulations to Raul Leyva on his promotion to Judo Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)! Mr Leyva came to me as a Judo Green Belt from California in 2013. His Judo school in California was a competition oriented school that was heavy in to the sport aspects of Judo and Judo training. Mr Leyva has had quite a bit of Martial Arts experience prior to coming to the United States from Cuba.   ...continue reading

Akihiko Tomita Promotion to Judo Shodan - 12/11/2019

Congratulations to Akihiko Tomita on his promotion to Judo Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)! Mr Tomita came to me in 2013 with no prior Judo experince, but has a wealth of various types of Kung-Fu experience. As a Japanese practitioner in Chinese arts (Kung-Fu), he has spent a lot of years having to learn differently from other students because of his Japanese descent. Starting as a White Belt with us, he has managed to work his way through the ranks to become the 5th Judo Black Belt I have been able to promote.   ...continue reading

Eric Cook Promotion to Judo Nidan - 02/01/2019

Congratulations to Eric Cook on his promotion to Judo Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt)! Mr Cook was the first student I got to hand physically hand a Judo Black Belt to back in July 2011. His journey to Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) had him training with Sensei Matl and me because we were under the same rook. Since then, he has only been training with me.   ...continue reading

Judo Promotion to Rokudan - 12/15/2018

I was surprised to receive my Rokudan (6th Dan Black Belt) in Judo from Sensei Zdenek Matl at the start of his Judo Seminar. When he promoted me he said, "Go change your belt." because I was wearing my Red/Black belt. My Red/White belt no longer represents just my Jiu-Jitsu rank, but now my Judo rank too.   ...continue reading

Anniversary Judo Seminar with Sensei Matl - 07/28/2018

Today was a very special day for us at Team Haas Judo Jiu-Jitsu. Sensei Zdenek Matl is here giving his first Judo Seminar for me at the new location. This weekend has significant meaning. This is the month I started training Judo and Jiu-Jitsu with Sensei Matl 25 years ago. This is also our 1 year anniversary holding classes at our very own dedicated location.   ...continue reading

New Dedicated Location for Team Haas - 07/29/2017

Months in the making, we are ready to start holding classes at our brand new high tech facility!

The process for finding a space took months. Once I got my crosshairs on a sopt, it took another couple of monthe to work with the owner to negotiate and get everything worked out. After signing the lease agreement on 4/14/17 for 2 side-by-side suites, it was "go time" on Dojo construction and conversion from 2 suites to 1. These suites were completely raw warehouse spaces. The only thing that was built out was the offices, bathrooms, staircase, and a wide open shell of an upstairs. Nothing painted in the warehouse area and a single weak rectangle LED light was all the lighting we had. This was going to take a lot of work.   ...continue reading

The Passing of Bud Morgan - 04/05/2011

Today, we lay a fellow Judoka to rest.

Bud Morgan died on the morning of April 2, 2011.

Bud received his Judo Godan (5th Dan Black Belt) from Sensei Zdenek Matl last year. At 75 years old, he was a no-nonsense Judoka with more than 50 years experience. As we would say in class, “Bud’s old school, hard style Judo”, and he was.   ...continue reading

More News Coming Soon


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