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New Dedicated Location for Team Haas
July 29, 2017

Months in the making, we are ready to start holding classes at our brand new high tech facility!

The process for finding a space took months. Once I got my cross-hairs on a spot, it took another couple of months to work with the owner to negotiate and get everything worked out. After signing the lease agreement on 4/14/17 for 2 side-by-side suites, it was "go time" on Dojo construction and conversion from 2 suites to 1. These suites were completely raw warehouse spaces. The only thing that was built out was the offices, bathrooms, staircase, and a wide open shell of an upstairs. Nothing painted in the warehouse area and a single weak rectangle LED light was all the lighting we had. This was going to take a lot of work.

With permission to remove the dividing wall between the suites, it was time to go to work. I went in to full on construction mode. The first hole in the wall was made be me and my kids. Jackie Quiles and Esteban Quiles was there having fun watching us tear through to the other suite.

From there, I had completely disassembled the wall with the help of my close long time friend Robert Gordon. Those materials were re-purposed and used to build the Men's and Women's Dressing Rooms upstairs. Myself, my kids, the Quiles crew, Lin Hughs, Will Luedecke, Raul Leyva, and Neha Kashyap help to prime and paint all of the walls the awesome Sand color. Tons of paint.

Mr Lin was installing the plywood on the side wall of the mat while I was re-working the electrical and installing over 5000 feet of low voltage wiring for all of the tech gear to be installed. After installing all of the lighting, cameras, LED strobe lights, both HVAC units, and paint the floors (everywhere off the mat), it was time to seal the area under the mat.

After sustaining a major sprain on my right ankle while installing one of the HVAC units, I had injured my back teaching class. I was super worried. The mats had already shipped and we were coming to the end of the road and here I was, not even able to put my shoes on. Mr Lin had called and said, I am on my way with a friend to come and seal the floor under the mat area. It didn't matter what I said. He was not taking "NO" for an answer. He showed up with Latoya Walker and both of them swept, mopped, and sealed the floor.

A few days later, the truck showed up with the mats. Mr Will Luedeck and a crew of about 8 people showed up along side of a bunch of our regular guys (Victor Pendleton, Sam Robertson, John Davis, and Raul Leyva, and Lin Hughs). We put that floor together like nobody's business. I had put down a Tatame floor many times, so it was no problem. I had a map of the layout, so it was easy.

Once that was done, I installed the Team Haas logo on the front door, then me and my kids moved to clean the entire gym from top to bottom. Actually my daughter slept on the desk and it was just me and my son. We left at 1:00am. Exhausted, but ready for our first class, Saturday at 9:30am.

The entire build-out took me 4 1/2 months and I was over budget on my HVAC (price increases on the units), electrical (reworking a bunch of stuff that should have been done right by the builder), paint, and general construction. It was all worth it. The Dojo looks exactly the way I had envisioned it.

I would like to thank the following people for helping with the painting, installing the mats, and what ever else needed to be done:
Esteban and Jackie Quiles, Lin Hughs, Robert Gordon, Raul Leyva, Neha Kashyap, Will Luedecke (and crew), Sam Robertson, John Davis, and Victor Pendleton (Please forgive me if I missed listing you. Let me know and I'll add you in)

Very special thanks to:
 *  Esteban and Jackie Quiles for spending just about every bit of free time helping prime and paint the walls. Holy cow it was a lot of paint. Days and Days of painting.
 *  Lin Hughs for also spending every bit of free time helping prime, paint, clean, build, and just about anything else that you could help out with.
 *  Robert Gordon for helping remove all of the sheetrock on the dividing wall. It's amazing we got that done in a single day.

The facility is the most high tech clean well lit facility in the entire Austin area. To learn more about come of the things that makes our facility stand out, check out the Our Facility page linked at the top.

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