Team Haas Judo Jiu-Jitsu provides a quality well rounded system of martial arts techniques that are safe, simple, and effective.
This includes Self-Defense, Defensive Tactics, Mechanics of Arrest, Ground Fighting, Jiu-Jitsu, Etc.
KW -- Chad Haas, Sensei Haas, Haas Judo, Zdenek Matl, Sensei Matl -- KW

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Student Rankings
Purpose :
The purpose for this page is for everyone to see where they are and strive for the next level. As you move up through the ranks, you will see your name move up the page.

It doesn't matter how long you have been training, on a calender, but how much you actually put in to your training. You can move quickly or slowly. It completely depends on you. It's all about time on the mat and the drive to actually learn and understand the system and style of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu we are teaching. Personal growth, both physical and mental.

Lead by example. Be a good member of the school. Take care of your training partners. Look out for each other, help one another learn and grow. You represent all of us. Our Martial Arts Family. Carry yourself and act with Honor, Respect, and Dignity inside and outside of the Dojo.
Black Belt Degree & Belt Color Reference :
Solid Black (can be worn at any Black Belt ranks) : 1st Degree - Shodan, 2nd Degree - Nidan, 3rd Degree - Sandan
Black/Red Striped : 4th Degree - Yondan, 5th Degree - Godan
White/Red Striped : 6th Degree - Rokudan, 7th Degree - Shichidan, 8th Degree - Hachidan
Solid Red : 9th Degree - Kudan, 10th Degree - Judan

Authorized Instructors :
All Black Belts listed in this section meet or excede the Instructor's Requirements found HERE.

Shodan and up (Black Belt) :
Chad Haas - Rokudan Judo - 12/15/18, Rokudan Jiu-Jitsu - 7/28/13

Alex Guzzo - Yondan Jiu-Jitsu, Sandan Judo - Promoted by Sensei Matl
Glen Koen - Sandan Jiu-Jitsu, Nidan Judo - Promoted by Sensei Matl
Pete Braun - Sandan Jiu-Jitsu, Nidan Judo - Promoted by Sensei Matl
Eric Cook - Nidan Judo - 2/1/19

Brad Hill - Shodan Judo - Promoted by Sensei Matl
Shawn Douglas - Shodan Judo - 7/8/12
Sev Medrano - Shodan Judo - 8/3/12
Kurt Ritterpusch - Shodan Judo - Promoted prior to joining Team Haas
Ikkyu (Brown Belt) :
Charles Robinson, Judo - Promoted by Sensei Matl
Tyrus Cox, Judo - 7/28/12
Raul Leyva, Judo - 3/19/16
Aki Tomita, Judo - 3/23/16
Nikyu (Purple Belt) :
(Undisclosed AH01), Judo - 1/2/16
Jonathan Ramirez, Judo - 3/26/16
Victor Pendleton, Judo - 6/18/16
Tom Cochran, Judo - 9/20/17
Sankyu (Blue Belt) :
Diego Rothenbach, Judo - 5/20/15
Sam Robertson, Judo - 3/27/17
Frank Funk, Judo - Promoted prior to joining Team Haas
Harley Whitcomb, Judo - Promoted prior to joining Team Haas
Chris Garza, Judo - 1/2/19
Greg Scott, Judo - 2/11/19
Seth Chesshir, Judo - 2/16/19
Nathan Smith, Judo - 2/18/19
Yonkyu (Green Belt) :
Neha Kashyap, Judo - 3/26/16
Daiki Doi, Judo - 3/26/16
Joel Messan, Judo - 3/25/17
Ricardo Castaneda, Judo - 7/11/18
Gokyu (Orange Belt) :
Avish Patel, Judo - 8/5/14
Connor Mullins, Judo - 8/24/15
Mike Salsone, Judo - 3/21/16
Derek Haas, Judo - 10/8/16
Isaac Urquidi, Judo - 10/8/16
Bobby Funk, Judo - Promoted prior to joining Team Haas
Felipe Boeta, Judo - 10/12/18
Joeseph Smart, Judo - 2/11/19
Nick Perkins, Judo - 2/13/18
Christine Ngan, Judo - 2/27/19
Samuel Guiffre, Judo - 4/1/19
Rokyu (Yellow Belt) :
Adan Saenz, Judo - 3/21/16
Leo Leyva, Judo - 7/2/16
Joshua Langdon, Judo - 10/19/16
John Davis, Judo - 1/27/17
Kirk Sexton, Judo - 8/9/17
Ben Chen, Judo - 8/14/17
E.Abalo, Judo - 8/26/17
Russel Pryor, Judo - 12/15/17
Sam Douglas, Judo - 4/20/18
Cooper Douglas, Judo - 4/20/18
ZIko Farajzada, Judo - 5/16/18
Kaylyn Funk, Judo - Promoted prior to joining Team Haas
Brooke Haas, Judo - 8/3/18

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